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An Interview with Benson Samuel
Welcome back to the The Tonight Show, I'm your host, Chung Lao.

To mark the one year anniversary of the passing of Blessan Samuel, Vinod has interviewed Blessan's brother, Benson for The Tonight Show.    

Standing at 6'2, Benson Samuel, the starting forward for the Houston Rockets, poses a significant threat to all interior defenses in the league.  Reports are filtering in about a new Batman-Robin tandem featuring Benson/Stanley, and a new Houston dynasty.  What is up with this un-abashed smack you say?  Surely you are making this all up......Well, here it is from the mouth of Batman himself:  

"Houston is coming home with the trophy, NO DOUBT!!"  

Gentlemen....start your engines.

No, but seriously, IPF intelligence reports Benson to be a down to earth, laid back kind of guy, and very willing to help out........except when it comes to sending in interviews, cough....  This is a cool guy, just don't get on his bad side.

Posted on March 14, 2004


Please provide your full name: Benson Samuel
Your month and year of birth: December 22 1982

What do you enjoy in your spare time? Play sports or something active
What city do you live in
Texas? Houston
What church do you attend in Texas? New Testament Church (Houston)
What is your occupational title? Student

What industry do you work in? I want to go into education
What college did you attend? University of Houston

(The first 10 are about Blessan)

Vinod:  What was the last conversation you remember having with your brother Blessan?  If it is not to personal in nature can you tell everyone what you discussed? 

Benson:  Well, I took him to the airport, and told him to have a good trip and gave him a hug.

Vinod:  When you and Blessan were kids, was there a particular incident in which either you and Blessan got in trouble together or something you did that Blessan got in trouble for or did he ever do something that you got in trouble for?  Please elaborate.

Benson:  If I get started, it would be hard to stop.  We didnít get into big trouble, but we always got into something.

Vinod:  God has granted you one week to spend with Blessan and has given all the money you need to do whatever you want.  Starting from Monday ending at Sunday, please provide a quick itinerary of what you are going to do each day. 

Benson:  Well we would do a lot of stuff.  Go eat at BW3, watch a Texans game at the new stadium.  He really wanted to see that.  Go see Yao Ming play.  Watch the Astros not makes the playoffs.  Spend a lot of time at home with mom and dad. And he would want to hang out with his friends.

Vinod:  Among the remaining members in your immediate family, who seems to be hurting the most (if anyone) and how is that person coping with the pain ? 

Benson:  I would say my mom.  She had a real close bond with him.  But my dad hurts a lot too cause thatís there first born.  They had a lot of love for him.

Vinod:  How often do you do the following:
-         Thinking about Blessan  When donít I.
Visit his grave site.  Whenever I need to talk to him, ill go see him.
-         Find yourself being distracted through out the day.  Often

Vinod:  What did you and Blessan enjoy doing together?

Benson:  Well, I have to say that he was the one that coached me in playing basketball.  We used to go across the street and play when we were little.  He showed me how to shoot and lay up and dribble.  He also told me not to try to be too fancy and too not run my mouth.  We could always go play ball together.  I remember I used to let him win sometimes, because I didnít want him to feel like he was getting older.

Vinod:  How many children did Blessan want?

Benson:  3

Vinod:  What was his long term and short term goals?

Benson:  Well, he was really involved with the church, he wanted to see all the kids in church doing good.  His long term goal was to settle down get married and have a good job.  His short term goal was to finish his masters degree (which he did).


Vinod:  In the great state of Texas, what restaurants are the best places to get the following food items:

-         Buffalo Wings  BW3
Steaks  Texas Land and Cattle
-         Burritos  I don't know, but the bakery has some good Fajitas
Chicken Curry  My house
-         Hamburgers

Vinod:  How often do you do the following:

-         Close your mouth with your hands and run whenever you see an                               Asian person (SARS)?  Never
Brush your teeth (daily)? 2 times
-         Laugh uncontrollably when you see George W Bush talk? Never
Fill you car up with gas? Once a week
Burn music from web sites? Once in a while
When there is an Amber alert, you actually go around your neighborhood                looking to Speak to someone in Malayalam? Whenever the person canít                       speak English
-         While driving on the Expressways, you invite people to pull over to have a     
             ďtalkĒ. Man I do a lot of stupid stuff on the highway!!

Vinod:  Read the following statements and based on your opinion provide either a true or false answer.

-         O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson ( I can't let this die) True
Scot Peterson killed Laci Peterson False
-         Texas kills too many people False
Gloria Samuel is a talented young lady  TRUE
-         The team that was coming from Texas to the NTC tournament had a chance   
           at the finals. NO DOUBT
Justin Thomas needs a mental health break True (HAHAHA)
-         While in Texas, Chris George used the word conglomerate properly as              
           required by the rules you guys set. True, and it was funny!
Glenn Thomas is a closet party promoter False

Vinod:  Please provide the winner of the following match ups and a small reason as to why the person you have chosen would be the winner.  The only weapon allowed is chappals (slippers) and the time limit is 5 minutes.

-         Paul Moses from DC versus Keith from Philadelphia:  Keith for sure, he                       got's the size on Paul,  he just has to get him to the ground and start hitting him.
Glen Thomas (DC) versus Justin Thomas (DC) Glenn, sorry Justin, your                    too little.
-         Roy (Texas) versus Sam George (NY) I would have to say Roy being      
               bias to my hometown! :)
Brother Greg versus Brother Mathew: Brother Greg would win hands                    down, he played football back in his high school days.
-         Josh (Chicago) versus Bro Joe:  This one would be close, only because         
            Bro Joe has a bum knee, I give it to Josh.
Saddam Hussein versus George W:  George W because he a Texan and           we already beat him.
-         Bush Sr versus Bush Jr:  I think Bush Sr. was better
Benji (Gloria Samuel's brother) versus Steven: I have to go for Benji because           he was my Sunday School student.

Vinod:  What is most likely to happen:

-         The Dallas Mavericks win an NBA title or they eliminate SARS in the United                   States  completely.  Neither, Dallas has too many soft guys, they need                          some bangers.
A malayalee purchases a Toyota Camry or the New York Yankees win the           championship A Toyota for sure, we got 2.
-         A malayalee refuses to drink hot tea or a malayalee purchases a Toyota      
          Camry. Buys a camry.
A malayalee apachan burps in front of people or the same appachan opens       
    his kali in front of people.  haha, both, they don't really care
-         San Antonio Spurs take out the Los Angeles Lakers or the NTC Amityville       
      church song service sounds like Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Hahaha, San                 Antonio takes out LA.

Vinod:  What activities are you involved in church?  

Benson:  Sunday School Teacher, Play drums and congas.

Vinod:  Who is one person that you admire?  Why?

Benson:  I really don't know anymore.  It used to be Michael Jordan but my looks on life have changed.  Ill get back to you on this.

Vinod:  Answer the following:
-         Where was JFK assassinated? Dallas
Which present day US President was the Governor of Texas? George W
-         What was Bush's GPA while attending Harvard University? I'm guessing             
      above a 3.0
What is Texas's law on carrying a concealed weapon? You can carry if u have      
     a license.

Vinod:  Please answer Yes or No, on the following questions, Since 9/11:
-         Has anyone followed you?  No
-       Do you notice people staring at you?  Not too much, but sometimes
-         While traveling has security personnel asked you to take your shoes off? All       
    the time


Vinod:  What was your most fondest memory of NTC youth camp ?  What is a memory you don't care to remember?

Benson:  Well, honestly, I never been to a NTC youth camp, so I will pass on this question.

Vinod:  Do you have annoying co-worker(s)?  What has this person done to annoy
you?  And how do you deal with the person?

Benson:  Well honestly, I really don't let people really annoy me.  If they do, I just step back and stay away from them.

Chung Lao:  Thank you gentlemen.  Next up on The Tonight Show is Josue Flores from Chicago.  Make sure you catch it.


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