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An Interview with Binu V
Welcome to The Tonight Show I'm your host Chung Lao.

We're pleased to have Binu (also known as haje) here on The Tonight Show. I've known Binu for a while now, and we've had the chance to work on some fun projects (see treasure hunt pic #1). :)

Sike, 4 real though, you'll see what I'm talking about when 'Nothing to Lose' premieres on this site. But enough chit chat, let's get to it.

Posted on November 4, 2002

Chung Lao: Sup man, hows it going?

Binu: going good, just finished eating.

Chung Lao: I think the people that cancelled Jello Pudding Pops should be found and shot? What do you think?

Binu: I knew you were republican, but this is extreme man.

Chung Lao: I hear its pretty cheap to buy land in Montana. Any moving plans?

Binu: sorry, not the country type.

Chung Lao: What do you think of

Binu: if personal websites were like jeeps, indaphatfarm is the hummer

Chung Lao: What about its founder, Chung Lao?

Binu: if founders of personal websites were like jeeps, Chuglao would be like the rav-4 err i mean the hummer. hehe Chung u know im playin,

Chung Lao: What is you dream car?

Binu: hummer

Chung Lao: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Binu: SO what are you saying? Im not grown up? That im some sort of immature , vertically challenged idiot?

Chung Lao: What is your take on George W?

Binu: I think Bush and his administration is doing a fine job.

Chung Lao: Name someone you would like to see interviewed on The Tonight Show.

Binu: hmmmm. Paul Moses

Chung Lao: My sources tell me that you are Indian. Can you confirm or deny this?

Binu: Unlike certain people that look indian and have chinese names, ah-hem, I look indian and have an indian name.

Chung Lao: What is your favorite food?

Binu: General Tso's Chicken

Chung Lao: What is your favorite movie?

Binu: Delta Force I

Chung Lao: Explain to us how the U.S. lost in the World Basketball Games?

Binu: no teamwork. bunch of ball-hoggin good fo nothins. just put me in the game, ill show em how to do it

Chung Lao: What makes you tick?

Binu: When i wake up before my alarm rings and then go back to sleep and then oversleep cuz i didnt hear my alarm.

Chung Lao: What team is winning the Super Bowl this year?

Binu: G G G G iants.

Chung Lao: What is something you cannot stand in a person?

Binu: a gloatinating personality ( in case gloatinating is not a word, then a person who gloats a lot ) Im just trying to use big words like Susan.

Chung Lao: Are we living in the End Times?

Binu: I definitely think so.

Chung Lao: We go to war with Iraq and a draft is instituted? What will you do?

Binu: Im already enlisted in the Selective Service, So if they call me, Well I gotta go

Chung Lao: Terps repeat in 2003?

Binu: I hear we have a good sqaud this year , we shall see.

Chung Lao: Name someone you admire and why.

Binu: cant think of anybody of the top of my head. Ill just say Jesus. cant go wrong with that answer.

Chung Lao: What would it take for you to go and live in India?

Binu: North India -- never .. Pakistan is too close, and South India hmmmmm a couple mil should do it.

Chung Lao: What is the capital of Uzbekistan?

Binu: i dont know.

Chung Lao: Your home alone, and just as your about to fall asleep in your room, you hear your front door slam open as burglars bust in. You tip toe to your door and hear footsteps coming up the stairs. There is no phone in your room b/c you left your cell downstairs, and all of the windows in your room are jammed. What do you do?

Binu: take the car keys out of my drawer. Go to the window.( the boarded up one ) Press the panic button on the car key remote, which then triggers the car alarm to go off, therby scaring off the burglars.

Chung Lao: Describe the ideal church, even if its not realistic?

Binu: any church that doesnt stick a 4 - 5 member family in a 10 X 15 cell for the span of 5 days with no lunch :) hahha jk.. Our church may not be ideal, but I do appreciate the hard work and efforts of our dedicated ministers.

Chung Lao: Finally, leave us with some advice.

Binu: " you've tried and youve failed, -- the lesson is, never try " -- Homer S.

Chung Lao: Lowely. Thanks for stopping by Binu. Next up on The Tonight Show is Paul M. Keep it locked.

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