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An Interview with Bill Clinton
Welcome back to The Tonight Show I'm your host Chung Lao.

We have a quite a show for you tonight. We are pleased to have with us in the studio, the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton. I know how anxious you all are, so lets get started.

Posted on June 11th, 2002

Chung Lao: Mr. President, it is an honor to have you here on The Tonight Show.

Bill Clinton: BURP

Chung Lao: Ahhh, I see.

Bill Clinton: Scuse me Chris, I had myself a chicken quesadello about 2 hours back.

Chung Lao: Not a problem Mr. President.

Bill Clinton: Chris, you can call me Bubba.

Chung Lao: If you insist sir, I mean Bubba.

Bubba: I do. Who in the hell is Chung Lao anyway?

Chung Lao: I'm asking the questions here.

Bubba: In the words of my pal Chris Tucker, "My Bad" (chuckles).

Chung Lao: So what have you been up to since you left office?

Bubba: Well, I've been eating and getting lots of rest.

Chung Lao: I see. So basically your doing the same things you did for 8 years in office?

Bubba: You sure are funny Chris.

Chung Lao: What is your take on George W?

Bubba: Hes a sap. Just like his daddy.

Chung Lao: Yeah, kind of like you and Monica, circa 1998?.

Bubba: Touche'.

Chung Lao: That reminds me, how is Monica these days?.

Bubba: How should I know.

Chung Lao: Well, I thought you guys were still close.

Bubba: Let me say it again for the record, "I did not have s..."

Chung Lao: Ok, Ok! MOVING ON! How is your wife, Senator Hillary Clinton?

Bubba: Who?

Chung Lao: Ok......How about your daughter Chelsea?

Bubba: Chelsea's been busy. She actually called me last night from a party she was at. Cameron Diaz and Madonna were there too. I keep telling Chelsea to bring her friends over, I'd really like to meet them. (wink, wink)

Chung Lao: Ohhh! So its like that!

Bubba: In the words of my pal Chris Tucker, "I am a pimp for life."

Bubba: Say, I was looking through your
Our Pages section, and I have to say that Christine there is cute!

Chung Lao: Don't even think about it pal. Besides, she's married.

Bubba: Like that ever stopped me. (chuckles) I'm just joking Chris. In the words of my pal Chris Tucker, "I'm just joking."

Chung Lao: You have any other friends besides Chris Tucker?

Bubba: Well your my friend. That means I have 2 friends named Chris! (heavy chuckling)

Chung Lao: Well, we're out of time for this interview.

Bubba: No we're not. We have another 15 minutes.

Chung Lao: Your watch is fast Bubba.

Bubba: You know what? In the words of my pal Chris Tucker, "I think I'm being playe......"


Chung Lao: Well would you look at that! We've lost the connection!

Chung Lao: Whew! That was short, but interesting. Hopefully, we'll have our connection issues resolved before our next interview with Bubba. :) Next up on the Tonight Show is Justin T. Keep it locked.

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