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An Interview with Glenn Thomas
Welcome to a classic edition of The Tonight Show with your host Vinod.

Archived Interview:  Finally, its here. The subject of my first interview is none other than my brother in law, Grace's brother, Glenn. I have known him for over three years now. Within this time, I have learned that the man is passionate about his sports, he can make friends in a second and he is aggressive in his opinions.

Posted on circa early January 2003

Vinod:  What is your favorite TV Show and why?

Glenn:  24 (Fox on Tuesdays 9:00PM) definitely. without a doubt the greatest TV network show on television. Why? Perfect balance of drama, suspense, mystery, and action all packed in a one hour. Favorite cable show - The Sopranos Mafia infatuation.

Vinod:  Twelve rounds of boxing. Pick the winner, no explanations needed:

- Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee

Glenn:  Tough match. Spike seems like he got some issues to deal with. He's still mad about not getting his 40 Acres and a Mule. Spike all the way.

- Yao Ming vs. Shawn Bradley

Glenn:  Ming of course. Dude is from China. He's must've taken a karate class or two. Better match up? Shawn Bradley vs. Yao Ming's interpreter. (By the way, did you see the Celebrity Boxing match between Mutumbo vs. William Perry?)

- Hashish vs. Danny P

Glenn:  Depends how many Remy Martins Danny has had and if Yams is in the room or not. If so, Danny hands down. - A gorilla vs. a lion.  Come on. U've seen the Lion King right? King of the Jungle all the way.

- Fran vs. Charles

Glenn:  Fran all the way. How many 60 year old ladies do u know who have just changed the transmission in her car by herself?


Vinod:  Please pick your position:

- Pro-choice/Pro-life

Glenn:  Pro-Life.

- Biggie Smalls/Tupac

Glenn:  Depends on mood. Hype & Murder music=Biggie, Storytelling & Conscience music=Tupac. More on a conscience tip now, gotta say Pac.

- Benzino/Eminem

Glenn:  M by far. Heard the interview Em and Zo had with Angie Martinez. Heard both points of view, gotta side with Em. Zo (rumored of being behind the Paul Pierce stabbing) blames Em for "jeopardizing the hip hop culture". Zo ramps and raves that, "Hip-hop came from the streets. It's gone mainstream, it's corporate, but it is part of culture. It breathes life into a lot of people. I just felt that on my first record where I went at Eminem, it wasn't so much about Em, it was about the machine. The way media outlets are taking what Eminem is doing and using it as a double standard for what other artists are doing. Eminem gets to do songs that we would never get to do," he added. "Eminem gets to talk about his issues and his pain ... killing his mother, beating his girl, drugs. We have to rock the party in order to get spins and burn on the radio. We have to entertain more than expose our true issues. When black and Latino people try to give our pain on there we couldn't get burn. The machine doesn't want our pain to be out there."

Pure Hatoration. What is Zo's point? Just cuz Em is selling quadruple platinum and he can barely go gold, he's calling him the "rap hitler"? Truth is Em can flow and Zo can't. Ever heard any of Zo's work besides Rock the Party? Probably not cuz he's wack! In Zo's interview with Angie, he poses a question on how Em can sell 4 million records in the US, while others struggle to sell 1 million. How is it Em's fault if he appeals to a broader fan base? Em can relate to more people (poor people, white people, angry youth, drama with baby moms, and neglected children)? Zo needs to do his research. People in the hood are not the only ones buying records. There is a broader fan base that is emerging in hip-hop and Zo isn't ready for it.

- Redskins (The team that one the last superbowl) vs. Raiders 2003

Glenn:  What? U can't be serious. Last Redskin team to go to the Superbowl was in 1991. Ring any bells? For all you football novices (Roy Geevarghese) let me school yal on the '91 Skins. They're only NFL's top 5 rated football teams EVER (Top 5 NFL Teams of all time: 1985 Bears, 1972 Dolphins, 1962 Packers, 1991 REDSKINS, 1999 Rams)! For all you Madden players, check the defense, offense, and special team ratings (all 99) and u'll find them ranked as high as the Ecko and All Madden teams. Not tryin to take anything away from the Raiders (Rich Gannon, the 2002 league MVP, was a Washington Redskin in '93), but if they'd face off today, '91 Skins would win by 17. - for Roy Gevarghese (Skinhater)

You can look at two stats to get a pretty good idea of just how great a team is: yards gained per pass attempt, and yards allowed per pass attempt. The 1991 'Skins topped the NFL in each category, with Mark Rypien averaging 8.5 yards per attempt, while his colleagues on Washington's defense allowed only 6 yards per attempt. Rypien's targets? Art Monk, who caught 71 passes for 1,049 yards, and Gary Clark, who averaged almost 20 yards per catch, gaining 1,340 yards on 70 receptions. Washington was also good on the ground, with Earnest Byner and Ricky Ervins combining for 1,708 yards. The 'Skins outscored their opponents 485-224, and they had a tough schedule. After going 14-2, they romped through the NFC playoffs, beating the Falcons 24-7 and demolishing the Lions 41-10 on their way to the Super Bowl. In the Big Game, the 'Skins beat the Bills 37-24. Nuf said. '91 Skins vs. '03 Raiders? can't be serious...........



Quick Comparison:

Democrats Republicans

34% Liberal 67% Conservative
25% Moderate 16% Moderate
28% Haven't Thought About It 12% Haven't Thought About It
20% African Americans 2% African Americans
12% Hispanic 5% Hispanic
28% Catholic 20% Catholic
19% from Union homes 12% from Union homes
38% from homes with annual income 20% from homes with annual income
under ,000 under ,000
60% female 49% female
24% senior citizens 22% senior citizens

Tend to be:

Urban Dwellers Suburbians
Laborers White collar
Socially Disadvantaged Upper Class
Minorities Straight White Males

My party? Neither. After Russ Perot's Independence Party Campaign in the 80s, I've been a loyal fan (I think it was his ears that sold me). Between Demos and Repubs, I gotta side with the Demos (but grateful Bush was in office 9/12/01).

- Affirmative Action/Earning it

Glenn:  Wow. U're implying that AA and Earning it are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. AA gives minorities the means of 'Earning' a chance to 'Earn' it.

- Boxers/Briefs

Glenn:  Boxers. Boyz gotta breathe.

- Lady Terrapins vs The Knicks

Glenn:  Depends on where they're playing. In Comcast Center, Lady Terrapins by 12. In Madison Square Garden, Lady Terrapins by 22. Yup, I heard all the booing the NY fans were giving the Knicks last game. Fair weathered fans. Yal gotta be like the Washington Wizard fans, just be happy if your team breaks .500.

- Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Terrapins 2nd Unit

Glenn:  Normally I would take this opportunity to plug my Terrapins and how deep our recruiting class is (3rd best in the country behind Duke and Arizona), but I'm gonna resist that unction and plug the Cavs young athletic talent for a second. Timer on? K, here it goes....What? Times up? Cool, Terrapins 2nd Unit by 4 points.

- Invade Iraq/Stronger sanctions

Glenn:  I dunno. Mixed emotions here. From what I understand, after the Gulf War, the UN Security Council ordered the destruction or removal of all of Iraq's so-called "weapons of mass destruction" - agents of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. But most experts agree the Iraqis managed to keep stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons hidden from the UN weapons inspectors. And since the inspections ended in 1998, Iraq has probably made more - or has at least restored its ability to do so. On the flip side, a NY Times article (dated 10/11/02) suggests that the real motivation to wage war against Iraq is to impose a "lengthy occupation" of Iraq in order to secure its vast oil resources for American and British oil companies. Can we sit still while others plot with mass destruction? Or do we let greed (disguised as patriotism) take the better of us to infiltrate this country and rape them of all their oil? Honestly don't know.

- Death Penalty/Life Sentence

Glenn:  Life Sentence. Jesus and the stoning of the prostitute scenario.

- East Coast/West Coast

Hip Hop - East all the way
Livable cities - East (exception made for San Diego) Never been in an earthquake before.
Fashion - East of course. Don't wanna get jumped for wearing a red shirt, or killed for wearing a blue hat.
Cars - West. Big fan of '64 Impallas with hydraulics.
Weather - East. Grown accustommed to accessorizing in the fall and winter. Besides, we still got Miami.
Lingo - East. All those who watched Baby Boy know what I'm talking about.

- Nike/Adidas/Reebok

Glenn:  I need 2 purs of 'em Err Force Ones. Nike hands down. Who are we kidding? Count the pairs of shoes or items of clothing you have of each........

- Your ideal car


Mercedes Benz CLK GTR. Classy, Sporty, and Exotic all in one.

- Your ideal mate

Glenn:  Catherine Zeta Jones (don't know where that came from, just popped into my head)

- A creative execution for the DC snipers

Glenn:  Have them sit down with Charles and Steve (Vinod, u know what I'm talking about) while they discuss the importance of Rubbermaid products.

- Your fascination with pens

Glenn:  This is going to sound really stupid, but it dates back to TV show 'MacGyver'. I saw this guy literally save a whole city block from blowing up, by using his pen! Since then, the collection started. I told you it was gonna sound stupid........... All yal males reading this who grew up in the 80s know what I'm talking about, don't frunt.

- Your dream job


First choice: Joe & Gavin Maloof's job. Who are they? The owners of the Sacramento Kings. The brothers also own a casino. Imagine that. What do ya say Justin? Tryin to go half on the Washington Wizards and the Belagio?

Second choice: Being the Vice President. It seems like a chill job - mad status for doing nothing. By the way, has anybody seen Dick Cheney lately on the news? I haven't seen homeboy since Dec 2001.

- Your favorite TV show

Glenn:  see Question 1. (Shoutouts to Vincent and the 'FAV' button on the remote)


Vinod:  In your opinion, who will be the best man at the following weddings:

- Roy and Susan

Glenn:  Bro Marco. He and Roy have been through alot together. I think Bro. Marco wrote a song about it.......

- Ben and Xiomara

Glenn:  Buddah from DC. Ben's gonna give him one 'shot' to get the speech right. (Shout outs to 2K9)


Vinod:  In Maryland, provide the names of the restaurants/fast food joints that makes the best:


Glenn:  Ben's Chilli Bowls


Glenn:  Small pizza shop in the City Plaza food court. Off the hizzie.

- Chinese Food

Glenn:  Royal Jade (actually in all fairness, not the best in the area, but the only one I can correctly pronounce)

- Buffalo Chicken Wings

Glenn:  Toss up - Cluck U (only cuz I took on the Cluck U challenge by eating the 911 wing and won the T Shirt) and Hooters (only cuz.............)

- Indian Food

Glenn:  Kunyamama's (yalknowdadeal)


Vinod:  You have 4 dollars in your pocket, what would you get from the Wendy's .99 menu?

Glenn:  Easy. Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe (for substance), Chicken Nuggets (for variety), Chili (for flavor) and assuming i got chump change for tax, gotta go with the Chocolate Cookies (for my chocolate addiction).

Vinod:  What was the most emotional movie you saw? And why was it so?

Glenn:  Ice Age. Squirrel never gets to plant the nut.

Can't really recall a most emotional movie ever. I could recall some movies, which had some scenes that touched me: Legends of the Fall (shoutouts to Justin and Michael Mark - they know why), John Q (shoutouts to Vinod - u know why), Armageddon (shoutouts to Grace, shorty's name was Grace in the movie), and Time to Kill (shoutouts to Anu - she knows why).  Anybody seen Antwone Fisher?

Vinod:  Your son is 18 and is listed as 6 feet 7 inches. Colleges have been offering him scholarships to play ball. NBA scouts have theorized that if he opted out to the draft he would be a solid number 5 in the first round. Would you suggest he jump to the draft ? or go to college? Why for either choice?

Glenn:  I would suggest he jump into the draft (cha ching). Nah, seriously, if he had what it takes to be top 5 picked out of all the potential kids coming out for the draft in the whole country - gotta go into the draft. True, college would be a good development period, but if you got the talent to develop straight in with NBA, why not? You got everything to win by going (college is still an option) and everything to lose if you don't (career ending injury in college). Gotta go when u're hot.

Vinod:  You are granted 10 minutes with George W Bush. He will highly consider anything you discuss. What would you talk about?

Glenn:  I would see if there were any applications for the Vice Presidential position. see Question 4, Point #5.

Vinod:  What are the advantages of owning a Nextel?

Glenn:  Direct Connect without a doubt. Lets us live our childhood walkie-talkie games while remaining sophistamacated.  Copy? Over and Out..........

Vinod:  Should musical artists receive compensation for websites like NAPSTER AND KAZAA ? Why or why not? 

Glenn:  Definitely not. I agree with Chuck D on this.

VInod:  Game is 15. One on one basketball. You versus Jessu Daniels. Jessu is given a 7-point head start. Who would win?

Glenn:  Can't be serious. Give him a 14-point start and he'd still come up short. So focused.......... Shoutouts to the JzaRecta. Only thing he might get me in is Caramms, but I've been practicing on that too.....

Vinod:  What was last book you read?

Glenn:  Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Recommend it. Great bathroom reading.

Vinod:  Who will win the Super Bowl? Why?

Glenn:  Tampa Bay. 45-28. Mark my words. You heard it here first.

Vinod:  How far will the Wizards go in the playoffs?

Glenn:  Tough one. If they do make it, I think they'll make it past the first round but stopped short in the second round due to the lack of desire and their inexperience (excluding Jordan and Stackhouse).

Vinod:  How many countries have you visited? And which ones do you want to visit?

Glenn:  Canada (that shouldn't count), Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, India, Dominican Republic. Kinda wanna to the Europe thing.

Vinod:  Did OJ Simpson kill Nicole Brown Simpson? Why or why not?

Glenn:  Negative. Too sloppy of a slaughter to not have one single drop of blood on him. He came onto the scene after the fact. My theory: His son did it. His son had a disturbing domestic disturbance at a local mall with Nicole shortly before the murder.  While OJ was on trial, he personally requested his law team to ship his son out of country for the whole ordeal. He didn't want his son on the witness stand. When his son wuz there for the verdict, even before the verdict was read, his son was balling out of control - maybe cuz he knew that his father was taking his murder rap.

Vinod:  How would you commemorate the victims of 9/11?

Glenn:  I like the Viewing Wall at Ground Zero, which displays panels bearing the names of more than 2,800 people who died at the site. I hear NY is renaming 98 streets to names of the victims, think thats kinda cool. The light tribute was awesome. Perhaps an eternal flame and a 24/7 soldier on duty for a grave at the Arlington cemetery representing our dead at WTC, the Pentagon, and the flight that crashed in PA would be tight. Every missile launched in Afghanistan should have a name of one of our victims on it. An editorial once a week in the New York Times highlighting a victim for every victim involved. I don't know about making a holiday out of it - might be too depressing to have a day off to reflect.

Chung Lao:  Gentlemen thanks.  Next up on The Tonight Show is Sarah Mathai.  Keep it locked in....


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