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An Interview with Jessica A
Welcome to The Tonight Show I'm your host Chung Lao.

Jessica is Jaeson (my bro in law's) sister.  She currently resides in Calgary, Canada, and is a single brown female seeking a.......sike, hahaha. 

No, but seriously, she was recently christened a General Surgeon, and I've found her to be extremely down to earth and fun to be around.  She's not the type of person to brag or boast about her position in life, and I've always admired that about her.

Posted on January 19, 2004

Chung Lao:  Hey Jessica, how art thou?

Jessica:  I art fine.

Chung Lao:  As a newly christened surgeon, give us a glimpse of your daily routine.

Jessica:  Well, it all depends on what is scheduled for that day like the O.R., clinic, Colonoscopy/Gastroscopy, Lumps and Bumps, or, if it was a day in the O.R. and I was on call...the day would usually start at 6:00 or 6:30 and the usual morning routine, in the O.R. by 7:15-7:30 and have 5-7 cases....if there was call, then you usually keep getting consults from either the emergency department, family docs in the city and some calls from family docs in little towns that are serviced by the larger community...usually, you have to run down to emerg in between cases and see the consults and get them booked for the O.R. if the pace is pretty hectic...the O.R. usually ends about 3-4pm and then you see the patients you operated on, make sure they are fine before you send them home (for smaller cases like gallbladders, hernias) and admit them for the larger cases (like bowel surgeries) will go on until 8 am the next never know what it'll be like, usually there will be another emergency and several more calls/consults and sometimes it'll be a quiet evening, but that's rare.  If you weren't on call, the day would end by 5 or 6 pm...

Chung Lao:  50 cent or Ja Rule?

Jessica:  50 cent, no question.  Any guy that's been shot 9 times and still survived, has my vote although he stated his dislike of materialistic women and then proceeded to date Vivica Fox so maybe the jury should still be out on this one!

Chung Lao:  What do you think of

Jessica:  Is that a website?....just kidding...I really like's so well organized, user-friendly, has a variety of interesting topics, the articles are well-written and thought-provoking...I'm glad Jaeson married Christine, giving me an in to the site!...just send me the cheque in the mail, Chung...

Chung Lao:  Name some of the things you want to teach your children, as they grow up in today’s world. 

Jessica:  Sacrifice, compassion, kindness, honesty, empathy... 

Chung Lao:  What was it like growing up with two brothers, Jaeson and James?  Give us the details.

Jessica:  Well, the word brutal comes to mind...seriously, we get along pretty well, especially  after we got older!...I would say we have a good relationship and support each other now, but growing up...they were like bullies!  Jaeson more than James...details?...there's not enough space! 

Chung Lao:  What is your take on interracial marriage?

Jessica:  I have a similar approach to interracial marriage as any other type of marriage...I believe the most important thing is to know the true and perfect will of God...I've always believed that God has one person out there that He has meant for us to be, I don't personally view it as wrong as long as the individuals have heard the voice of God regarding it and are 100% sure that that is the person God intended for them...

Chung Lao:  As we all know, the # of poor countries in the world far outnumber the rich ones. Gives us your take/solution on this problem.

Jessica:  I can't say I have a great solution to this problem.  I don't think this problem will ever be solved.  There are so many factors contributing to this crisis, not the least of which is political corruption.  It seems that to arrive at a real solution it would require a combination of efforts including the absolution of debt of poor countries by rich countries and the elimination of political corruption which, of course, is easier said than done.

On a personal level and in the overall scheme of things, from a Christian perspective, I can only do what God calls me to do...on a daily basis we can show kindness, generosity and compassion and 'make the world a better place'...of course, this is a real cliche, but that's the least everyone could do...some are called to go above and beyond missions, charities, other non-profit organizations...etc. 

Chung Lao:  So I keep hearing about the “Gong Show?” Splain.

Jessica:  I'm gonna have to talk to Jaeson about this one...since it's his term, he should explain it...but basically, he uses it to describe the atmosphere in our house in Calgary when the whole family is around...just that it's really funny and the conversations are hilarious...

Chung Lao:  Can you cook, and if so, what’s your specialty?

Jessica:  Yeah, I would say that I can cook...but I don't really have a specialty...I mainly started cooking in the last 5 years to survive during residency!  I would say that a lot of my cooking is really cheating and adding crushed red chili peppers to cover up for the lack of proper spices...

Chung Lao:  What is your favorite place in Calgary?

Jessica:  On the shore by the Bow River...doesn't sound glamorous, but it is mainly a peaceful area to sit at and ponder life, read the Word...etc...

Chung Lao:  Canada vs the U.S. Give us the pros/cons.

Jessica:  hmmm...pros...Canada has a large economically powerful neighbor/ally...Canada is a peaceful and somewhat tolerant country, accepting of people from different walks of life.  From what I've heard, there may be more financial incentives and tax breaks in the U.S., but don't quote me on that. One of the real positives in Canada, however, is its universal health care.  cons...Canada can have harsh winters but the fat of a big seal or walrus can warm up the igloo pretty well...

Chung Lao:  Favorite movie?

Jessica:  I know this is not a popular choice but I have always liked The Sound of's pretty clean and I love singing...

Chung Lao:  What advice do you have for young people today, in terms of achieving goals?

Jessica:  I strongly believe in edification.  So, I believe that a person can achieve anything they want according to the will of God.  In an ideal world, we would be surrounded by peers, family and friends that encourage us, build us up, provide constructive criticism appropriately and never belittle or degrade us.

This really goes for any relationship.  If we find ourselves in a situation where someone is not providing that environment for us, then I suppose one would have to rely on the knowledge that we are all capable of realizing our potential.  I remember when I was in Grade 12, one of my high school counsellors telling me that "people like you don't get into medical school"!  I, of course, didn't find that very encouraging.  However, I was pretty determined to pursue it, since it has always been a dream of mine.  Luckily, I matured more spiritually...enough to seek God deeply regarding it before going forward with it.

Chung Lao:  Define the ideal church, even if its not realistic.

Jessica:  The ideal church would notably be absent of corruption, greed, condescension and strong in areas of edification, support, encouragement, spiritual meat for some and spiritual drink for others...i.e. a place for people of all spiritual walks to a) find the Lord b) revel in His goodness c) grow in scriptural truth and doctrine d) acquire the fruits of the Spirit and obtain the gifts of the Spirit which are crucial to one's closeness with the Lord  e) be able to tell others of the 'hope that is in them', an answer to anyone who asks for the reason for their happiness...

Chung Lao:  Would you consider adopting children? Why/why not?

Jessica:  If it was the will of God in my life, I would definitely consider it.  I think it would, undoubtedly, be extremely challenging but it almost seems more responsible considering the number of unwanted children in the world...

Chung Lao:  Are we living in the End Times?

Jessica:  It seems that we are, especially considering the level of corruption in the world today...the desensitization to sex, violence...the changes with certain governments, ie. the changes in Europe...

Chung Lao:  What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever tasted?

Jessica:  layhyum (I don't know how to spell it), but it is this Ayurvedic medicine from India...quite disgusting and it didn't work!

also, bittermelon is high on that list...

Chung Lao:  What is the best thing you’ve ever tasted?

Jessica:  Any combination of our rices, curries, vegetables, ginger curry or puchedi (yogurt with spices) and pickle.

Chung Lao:  Name someone you admire, and why.

Jessica:  Jesus Christ...for the obvious reasons.  If you mean someone in human form today...then my mother would be that person...she has always been an incredibly sacrificial person...

Chung Lao:  What is something you can’t stand in a person?

Jessica:  Dishonesty, insincerity, and selfishness.

Chung Lao:  Describe your ideal house.

Jessica:  hmmm... large house with vaulted ceilings and an unique architectural design, walkout basement, backyard is a lake with a personal dock and motorboat, close enough to wooded areas to be able to go quadding...I guess I should wake up now...

Chung Lao:  What is your favorite verse or passage from the Bible?

Jessica:  Hebrews 11:1...."Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Chung Lao:  Name someone you would like me to interview, AND list one question you want me to ask that person.

Jessica:  Michael Jackson. Why?

Chung Lao:  Ok, we’re now 10 years into the future, your married, and have a few kids. Tragically however, you lose a child to a drunk driver. Fast forward 5 years from then, and your called in on an emergency trauma case. As you are scrubbing in, and the case details are being reviewed with you, you turn around ready to operate, and to your amazement the patient is the drunk driver that took the life of your child. There are no other surgeons available. What do you do? 

Jessica:  Your good, Chung.  That's a real tough one but I know that initially I would have been very angry for what had happened.  I think that by God's grace, during those 5 long years, I hope I would have prayed enough for forgiveness to that person to have attained it.  Still, I know it would be really hard to do that operation, but I would do it and deal with the emotions afterwards and try to see that patient as Jesus would see him/her.

Chung Lao:  Finally, leave us with some advice. 

Jessica:  I'll leave you with something the Lord has been teaching me for the past few years.  Whatever you do, whatever decisions you make, no matter how large or small, always seek His Will regarding the matter...know His perfect Will and then proceed...this way, there will always be peace even if the road ahead is, basically, work on your spiritual life first (Matt 6:33) and the Lord will take care of the rest.

Chung Lao:  Much Love Jessica.  Next up on The Tonight Show is Blossom M.  Stay Tuned. 


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