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An Interview with Sophy Thomas
Welcome to The Tonight Show I'm your host Chung Lao.

Sophy Thomas.  Well, let me use a couple of words here.  Tae Bo.  Vivacious.  Social Worker.  Outgoing.  Shoes.  Sony.  Loves Football (and you wonder why she's being interviewed eh?).  Let's get started.

Posted on October 18, 2004

Chung Lao:  Hey Sophy, howís it going?

Sophy:  Good, thank you. 

Chung Lao:  Pick one word that describes you.

Sophy:  Strong.

Chung Lao:  What do you think of

Sophy:  Very Cool.

Chung Lao:  Who do people say you look like?

Sophy:  Over the years Iíve been told that I look like Rosie Perez, Monica and other people I donít look like.   My relatives in India compare me to some chunky looking Malayalee film star.

Chung Lao:  Can you cook, and if so, what is your specialty?

Sophy:  Iím pretty good. My specialty is Indian food- I can make a mean butter chicken.

Chung Lao:  Were you for/against the war in Iraq, and why?

Sophy:  Against - I think war should only be considered when a nation is cornered. In this case, I donít think there was substantial evidence to declare war.  If war in Iraq is justified then why donít we just go to war with all countries that are ruled by dictators and are thought to have weapons of mass destruction?  I believe in defending oneís own country when threatened, but nearly 11,000 deaths/injuries and 0 WMD later ÖI donít think it was absolutely necessary.

Chung Lao:  Name your Favorites:


A.    Restaurant(s): B. Smithís (Union Station) If you like Southern, deep fried, melt in your mouth like butter food Ėthis is the place to go!    Negril, Nam Vet 90, Chevyís, Raku, Mykonos, Churrascaria Plataforma, Rain, Bayou Blues Cafť, Justinís Ö and the list goes on.

                B.  Shampoo: Bumble and Bumble

                C.  Hobby: Tae Bo, Shopping, Decorating

                D.  Sibling: Donít have a choice --Sony

                E.  Store(s): Gucci, Cole Haan, Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren, DKNY           

F.   Car(s):  At this moment: 645ci

G.  Movie(s): Legends of the Fall, The English Patient

Chung Lao:  What is something you canít stand in a person?

Sophy:  Insincerity and selfishness.

Chung Lao:  How excited are you about the return of Joe Gibbs?

Sophy:  OOOHH YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chung Lao:  What kind of parent do you want to be?

Sophy:  A benevolent dictator who leads by example.

Chung Lao:  Some countries you would like to visit/re-visit, and why?


India- I love Kerala, thatís right Lakshmi, I said it! (But only for a month)

Africa- Safari

Italy- For the architecture, but most importantly to make handsome additions to my handbag collection

France- For chocolate, bread and LV

Greece-For pita bread, hummus, and green olives

Columbia- Coffee

Israel- To walk where Jesus walked

Australia- To meet The Crocodile Hunter.

Chung Lao:  What is something you want to do before you die?

Sophy:  There are so many things I would like to do.   Traveling around the world is one of them.

Chung Lao:  Have a favorite verse/passage from the Bible?

Sophy:  Psalms 91

Chung Lao:  What is your take on George W?  Contrast him with John Kerry.

Sophy:  Well, although I am convinced that G. W. isnít the brightest bulb in the bunch (sometimes when I hear the things that come out of his mouth I am amazed that he actually holds public office), I do think he is a man of principle.   And he has a strong administration to make up for his lack of, shall we say, Floetry.

The thing that appeals to me most about John Kerry is John Edwards.

The bottom line is that politicians promise much, but their word isnít their bond. They compromise. George Bush has compromised.  George Stephanapolous once said that Bill Clinton Ē Ö kept every promise he intended to keep.Ē

We are on the verge of legalizing gay marriage and banning the name of God in our schools. We already allow the murder of thousands of unborn children.  Day by day, people are becoming tolerant of abominations that have become a norm in American cultureÖeven the church

I am scared that this country is going to turn into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and we are all going to be smashed into smithereens. In politics, I believe in picking the lesser of two evils. I pick George W.

Chung Lao:  What is the first thing you notice about a person?

Sophy:  Attitude

Chung Lao:  Using Microsoft Paint, please draw us a picture.


Chung Lao:  What is the meaning of life?

Sophy:  To know God.  To make the most of it.

Chung Lao:  What is your take on interracial marriage?

Sophy:  Iíve mulled over this issue for years Ö  I think it depends on the people, the situation, and the willingness of both parties to make huge sacrifices (especially if your parents are against it).  However, I am certain that any union can work well if the foundation is rooted and grounded in Christ. 

Chung Lao:  If you could live in any time period you wanted to, what would it be, and why?

Sophy:  This one, because I canít see life without indoor toilets and central air. 

Chung Lao:  What is the role of the man of the house?

Sophy:  To love and provide for his family, be the spiritual leader, and fix everything thatís broken.

Chung Lao:  What is the role of the woman of the house?

Sophy:  To support her husband, be a good role model for her children, take care of home, and shop whenever she wants.

Chung Lao:  What do you think Jesus looked like?

Sophy:  Just as the Bible describes him.

Chung Lao:  Describe your ideal house.


Inside: Two story foyer, large rooms with cathedral ceilings, wood floors, Roman columns, crown molding, gourmet kitchen, and a fireplace, sitting room, and balcony in the master bedroom suiteÖ.

Outside: Large landscaped land, California-style tiered deck, garden with a huge arched trellis, rec. spaceÖ

Chung Lao:  Name someone you admire, and why.

Sophy:  Earnest Jenkins.  A man of  faith.

Chung Lao:  Define respect.

Sophy:  To honor, esteem, and give value to someone or something. It goes hand in hand with love.

Chung Lao:  Scenario:  Ok you are working at GUCCI, and you are the designated store closer that day.  The store is emptied out, and as you head to the front door to lock up, a masked man shoves open the door and blocks your exit.  There is a bright yellow FENDI inscribed across the length of his black shirt.  In any case, 2 more FENDI goons enter the store, pulling in a large shredder.  They demand that you help them shred all of the GUCCI merchandise.  What do you do? 

Sophy:  I will assume my fighting stance and then deliver a few rounds of upper cuts mixed with powerhouse kicks that will knock Ďem out. Then I will apologize to my inventory for having to witness a threat to their livelihood.  Donít ever mess with Gucci and me.  Iíll fight to the death.

Chung Lao:  Lastly, leave us with a parting thought.

Sophy:  "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." - Samuel Johnson

Chung Lao:  Thanks Sophy.  Next up on The Tonight Show is Justin Mathews, the founder of


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