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2015 BSC: Official Rules/Regulations

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        Aug 14-15 Schedule of Events | Rules/Regulations

Introduction - Late Entry:

If you arrive late, then the games you miss will be automatically added into your Loss column, and the team you were supposed to play, will get a free Win.

If you don't bring all your players on time for the games, your opposing team has the right to force a forfeit, giving them a free win. You must have at least 4 players present to warrant a game and even then, it's up to the team with all their players in attendance, if any adjustments are warranted such as allowing the short handed team to pick up a few players.  The team that brought all their players is in the lead position here.

No Ringer Policy:

As of 2008, the No-Ringer policy has been finalized and there are no if, ands, or buts about it.  If a player is brought that is not on a team roster, that player will not be allowed to participate in the BSC.  If a player is a blatant ringer, he will not be allowed to play.  End of discussion.  Teams have to go through a lot to abide by the tournament rules, and we won't allow disruption.  Appreciate your cooperation.

Regular Season Format:

Each team will play a total of 5 games (4 on Friday and 1 on Saturday).

The games will be 22 minutes each (two 11 minute quarters), with a 2 minute half time, and with 2, 30 second timeouts per team, meaning one per half.

1st & 2nd Round Playoff Format:

The top 6 teams advance to the playoffs based on their regular season records.  The #1 and 2 seeds get a bye in the first round while the #3 - 6 seeds duke it out. 

The #1 seed will play the lowest remaining seed from the #3, #4, #5, #6 games, and the #2 seed will play the second lowest remaining seed. 

The 1st & 2nd round games will be 24 minutes long (12 minute halves), with a 2 minute halftime, and 4 timeouts allotted.  Two in the first half, and two in the second half.  They will be 30 second timeout's.

The Final (Championship) Format:

The Championship game will be between the remaining two teams.

The Championship game will be 24 minutes long, with a 3 minute half time.  Both teams will be allotted a total of 4 timeouts.  Two 30-second timeouts per half. 


A total of 4 fouls per player, so on your 5th foul, you foul out in the regular season.

In the 1st & 2nd rounds of the playoffs, and the championship, it's 5 fouls per player, on your 6th foul, you foul out.

****If you exceed your foul limit, you are out for the game.****

Free Throws:

Free throws will be applied during both the regular and post-seasons.

Players may enter the lane upon release of the ball.

Team Fouls:

Each personal foul counts toward a team foul.

Team fouls reset from the 1st half to the 2nd half. Team fouls carry over however, from the 2nd half to any overtime period.

Personal fouls do not reset, and will carry over into the 2nd half.

When a team commits a total of 6 team fouls in a half, the opposition shoots a free throw. (Single Bonus). If the free throw is made, another one is awarded. If the free throw is missed, play resumes as normal. Once a team reaches 8 total team fouls in a half, all fouls committed from that point forward during the remainder of the game result in two free throws being awarded to the opposition (Double Bonus).

The exception to this is if it's an offensive foul or shooting foul.

If an offensive foul is committed, there is only a change of possession (no free-throws).

If a shooting foul is committed (player fouled in the act of shooting), 2 free throws are automatically awarded no matter how many team fouls exist.

Technical Fouls:

If a technical foul is issued, it is two free throws for the opposing team as well as possession of the ball.

Clock Stoppage:

The Clock will only stop for the following instances:

1)  Timeouts.

2)  Half-Time.

3)  Free Throw Shooting.

4)  The last 2 minutes of the second half of all games, for all calls/fouls/dead balls/out of bounds plays.

Other than those instances, the clock will be continuously running.

Scoring Table:

The scoring table is authorized to take a table time-out to correct an error by the refs who misunderstood or did not get right one of the rules for this event. Such as if a player has fouled out and the refs didn't hear it, and therefore the clock will need to be reset and/or any points that fouled out player scored removed.

If the ref does not concur, the tournament administrator can be called over to clarify and back up the scoring table.


Official Refs -  Will be officiating the entire event.  So please be aware of the appropriate basketball rules such as 3 second violations, back court, etc, etc. 

All calls are FINAL.

****The only instance in which a referee's call isn't final is if there is a scoring table issue, see the rule directly above this one****

Cause for Ejection/Removal from the 2015 BSC:

Any unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated from players, coaches or fans. If in the Event Administrators’ opinion, any player, coach or fan who engages in any evidence of harassment, intimidation, taunting, arguing, physical altercation or violence, offensive words, destruction of property or any criminal activity that could compromise or affect the administration, integrity, security, fairness, or proper conduct of the IPF Sports Tournament, the IPF Administrator has sole discretion and reserves the right to eject or ban any individual who disrupts any part of the Event.

Forfeit Rules:

When a team forfeits a game, the team they were scheduled to play gets an automatic win. If playoff seeding comes into play a forfeited game will give a zero point total.


1.  The teams with the best records will advance.

2.  If 2 teams have the same record at the end of the regular season, the team that defeated the other team in the regular season will advance. 

3.  If the two teams have the same record and never played each other in the regular season, total points scored will be tallied up for the regular season, for both teams.  The team with the higher number will advance.  Point differential is calculated by the total points scored, per team, per game.

4.  Now if 2 teams never played each other in the regular season, have the same record, AND have the same point differential.  They will play a mandatory 8 minute tie breaker game, with one allotted 30 second timeout per team.

5.  If there are 3+ teams with the same record & they did not all play each other, but beat one of the other 3 teams so the head to head doesn't apply across the board, the point differential will be tallied and the top teams will advance. If by some chance two of these teams have the same point differential then a mandatory 8 minute tie breaker game will be played. This rule supersedes rules #1-#4.

Overtime Rules:

1.    Regular Season Overtime Rules:

       If at the end of a game, there is a tie, there will be a jump ball and 2 minutes  of Overtime.  These 2 minute overtimes will continue until there is a winner.  There are no timeouts.  An un-used timeout from the 2nd half DOES CARRY OVER.

2.    Playoff Overtime Rules: 

A.  First Round/Second Round:  3 minute tie breaker.  One 30 second timeout per team.  These overtimes continue until there is a winner.

B.  Championship:  5 minute tie breaker.  One 1 minute timeout per team.  These overtimes continue until there is a winner.

Timeouts from the 2nd half carry over into overtime for both the regular season and the playoffs.

3-Point Contest:

The 3-Point Contest will take place on Saturday, August 15th, and will be as follows:

Each player will get 2 practice shots.

1.  Each team needs to select 2 shooters.  These shooters will get 2 shots from each of the 5 points around the 3-point arc, at the designated time.   

2.  The player that hits the most shots will be awarded the trophy.

BSC Fan Challenge:

This crowd pleasing event will take place prior to the Championship game.  Contestants will line up and have a total of 3 shot attempts.  The person who makes the most shots wins the trophy.  Fans will get 2 practice shots prior to their 3 shot attempts.

All Star Selection:

The All Stars for the 2015 BSC will be chosen by the team captains.  Team captains will be given a list of 3 players per position based upon an average of their actual regular season stats. The captains will then select their 1st and 2nd team selections.  Trophies will then be awarded. 

Teams captains cannot select members from their own teams. 

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