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2018 IPF Volleyball Classic: Directions
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From 95 South, pass through Baltimore, and then pick up here:

1.  Take 495 West
2.  Take 270 North
3.  Take Exit 8, Shady Grove Road East Towards Gaithersburg.
4.  Once you are on Shady Grove Road, you will pass a Home Depot, Best Buy, etc, keep going.
5.  Make a left on to Rt. 355 (Frederick Road).
6.  Pass through a few lights and then make a left on to Education Blvd.
7.  Drive down the pathway with trees and make a LEFT at the end.  Making a right will take you to Gaithersburg High school, which is not where the tourney is.
8.  So once you've made the left, go around the circle, and at the second entrance, make a right.
9.  Make another immediate right, and you are there.
10.  Enter through the main entrance where all the flags are flying.


Bohrer Park Recreation Center Address:

506 South Frederick Avenue

Gaithersburg, MD 20877


This Rec Center is located directly across from Gaithersburg High School.

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