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A.  All right, here's the deal.  The 2004 Blessan Samuel Classic Date, Location, and overall fee have changed.  Before I get into the specifics, I'm sure the foremost question on your mind is: "Why the switch from Philly?"  Well, simply put, the gym in Philly couldn't handle the 100+ people expected for this event.  That is the main reason.

B.  New Date:  Now, the date of June 5th was simply not available in a location that fit our needs.  So it has been changed to:

 July 24, 2004

This date is a couple weeks after convention, AND it avoids any fasting & prayer/communion problems that June 5th would have had, thereby depleting the ranks of atleast 2 confirmed teams, and probably more.

I now want to take this time to reassure those of you out there who are thinking, "A Date Change??  Will there be more Date Changes???"  The definite answer is NO.  This date is set, and to prove it, I dropped off the deposit for this place, yesterday afternoon.  

Make plans to take off from work and do what you have to do, b/c July 24th is the date.

C New Fee:  The fee is now confirmed at:

$200 per team

In order to cover the cost of the gym rental, refs, trophy, and liquids, this price is the only way all these needs will be met.  The previous $100 fee was tentative at best, and it would have risen come tournament time.

D New Location:  The location of the tourney will be in:

 Gaithersburg, MD

at the Bohrer activity center.  Many of you may know this place as the facility where the Indo-Pak Tourney was held in, back in April 2004.  It is also right across from Gaithersburg High School.

I went to visit the center on Saturday:

Click to Enlarge:



This facility is a fairly new one, and the gym itself is in great condition.  It is a big, big improvement over the one in Brooklyn, back in 2002. 

E.  Travel Time:  In terms of travel time, we realize that this is a drive for all teams involved, which is why we will push forward the starting time of the tourney to something more manageable than something in the very early am.

Please keep in mind that Houston, the team that is spending the most $$$ out of any team, is still coming out.  So, let's make the sacrifice, and do this.

F In Closing:  There is one all important date that you need to keep in mind:


There are no if, ands, or buts about this.  If we don't deliver the total fee by June 1st, there will be no gym, and no tourney, its as simple as that.  So what this means is, you need to get me the funds

So PLEASE collect these funds and mail me a check.  

E-mail me for my mailing address: 

The 2004 Blessan Samuel Classic is now completely official.


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