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Jason John

 I knew Blessan ever since I came to Houston back in '97 to attend UH. Attending the business school with him was great; we took some of the same classes and were in some organizations together. I used to kid around with Blessan for getting his hands on my Jars of Clay tape, which he borrowed indefinitely, but we had a mutual understanding that he could keep it.  Haha. 

We would always manage to do lunch or hang almost everyday, and at times take trips after class to visit Tony at work. Who could forget him breaking out the lunch bag with his dad's famous puri. I remember whenever we had a class at night, he would always give Rajee and me a ride back to the dorms. We could have walked, it wasn't that far, but he took us. His simple deeds of kindness spoke volumes about him. Through the years we all changed and grew. 

Blessan grew with God, and his life was evident of that.   It almost seemed that every time I asked Blessan what was going on, he would say he's going on a mission trip. I am proud to have known him and forever thankful to God that he was my friend. I can truly say his life is an inspiration for me to serve Jesus more and have a closer relationship with Him. 

Joe Del Rio

I first had the honor of meeting Blessan when I first joined The Accounting Society at The University of Houston, an organization Blessan was very dedicated to, about two years ago.In the Summer of 2002 and Spring of 2003, Blessan and I were able to get internships at the same companies which allowed us to get to know each other better.† 

Blessan and I were able to get along so well because I quickly found out that he also loved to watch TV.I had never met anyone who watched as much TV as I did.During our internships we use to go to lunch together pretty much everyday, and during these lunches we would have some great conversations.In fact, one of the last conversations we had was over Blessan's TV.He told me how his TV was very old, and that his dad had already said that when the TV broke down his family wouldnít be getting another TV because his dad felt that they watched too much TV, although Blessan wasnít going to let this happen.Soon after he told me the story Blessan said that when the TV broke down he was going to buy his dad a bigger TV.

One thing I liked about Blessan was that when he spoke, his words would always be positive.There were times when I would go to Blessan and tell him things such as ďI donít think I got the jobĒ, or ďI donít think I will be accepted into graduate school.ĒFor every negative thing I had to say he always had about a hundred positive things to respond with.He would always keep my hopes up.Blessan was the type of person who who never worried about himself, he always watched out for everybody else.If a job would open up he would always tell a friend to apply for it, or if I didnít get a chance to get breakfast, he would have a kolache ready for me.It was because of his unselfishness and care for others that good things would happen for him.Currently every lunch that I take I truly miss Blessan, but I know he is truly living the great life right know

Stacey Locke 

Blessan Samuel was the very definition of a true friend.  He would go out of his way to help you in any way he could. He never judged you. He took you for who you were and never asked for any more. He had such a wonderful spirit and seemed always to have everything under control.  He will be greatly loved and missed.  I am a better person today for having known him.

Paul Moses

I had the privilege of meeting Blessan Samuel at Convention about ten years ago. I had actually met Benson first as he must've been about 9yrs old. During the meeting he was sitting in front of me and my brother making funny faces at us. This led to an immediate friendship. Benson introduced us to Blessan and from that day on Blessan was like my little brother. Though I only saw him once a year at Conventions and maybe at youth camp we kept in touch through email. Blessan was truly a man who loved God and had a burden for the mission field. He made numerous trips to Mexico to help out the work there. He was also planning a mission trip to Panama this coming August. He and I were planning to go together with other missionaries. He would IM me regularly and tell me how he had a burden for the young people in our church and said that prayer was the answer.

Blessan by nature was a very soft-spoken and humble person. However, he always loved a good laugh. When we would meet at Conventions and at YAR we would sit down (after the meeting) till about 5 am in the morning and exchange stories over the past year. He was really looking forward to the upcoming Tournament in Wash.DC. He would always ask me if I wanted to jump ship and join H-town. I was tempted at first to switch sides but then I quickly repented and decided to stay with my local team I then would try to make him jump ship and join DCZ Finest as he was a very good baller but he declined also. He was a very loving person he told me how much he loved his mother. He told me he included her in all his activities.

It was a dreadful and shocking moment for me when I found out I had lost a true friend and brother. However, one thing I do know he is rejoicing with the Lord to suffer pain no more. All his labors in the Sunday School ministry and on the mission fields will be rewarded. I will truly miss my little brother Blessan but I will meet him one day.  God Bless.

Betty Arthungal

Strangely enough I met Blessan Samuel exactly two weeks ago when I was in Houston. My cousin, JoyChan in Houston could not meet us at the airport so he sent his son Joel with Blessan to come get us. We rode in his car back to the house, he was very pleasant, well spoken young man and spoke to my Dad about his faith and family. He seemed very mature and kind. Later that evening my cousin was telling us what a nice guy he is, so helpful and he can call on him anytime.

I am just numb today. I cant believe I met him two weeks ago. It makes me realize how precious life is and how we cannot take for granted even random acts of kindness from strangers or even our own nearest and dearest."

One Good Friend  

What a person needs most
In this weary old world

Isnít glory or wealth without end,

But a comforting hand to hold on to

and the solace of one good friend.

It seems almost a miracle
That in the great world we found each other
Iím so glad we did
And so lucky to have a friend like you

One good friend who speaks with wisdom and kindness
And whispers reassuring words when my belief wavers

One good friend who listens without judgment
And silently holds my hand in moments when no words are needed
With one good friend I have shared a thousand silly giggles
A million knowing glances
And a handful of secret dreams too precious to entrust to anyone else

One good friend has taught me that no day is more important than today
That friendship holds the magical ability to multiply joy and divide sadness
And most of all,

One good friend has taught me that sometimes
One good friend is all a person really needs

You are to me as I am to you,
A calming influence in a too-busy world
A source of strength when itís needed most,
A wellspring of joy when smiles are scarce,
A kind heart that always understands,

One good friend always.
W/nothing but love, tears & joy

-Your good friend

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